Minerals for athletes

Minerals are essential substances - they can not be produced by our body. Therefore, it is important to provide them sufficiently to the body through the diet. Special physical conditions and stress require a higher need for minerals.

Thus, women are dependent on larger amounts during pregnancy. But even adolescents in puberty need more minerals than the average adult. Athletes have a particularly high demand. Of course, it depends on how intense and how often a person practices their sport.

The necessary amount of minerals increases with the strength of the respective load. Magnesium deficiency is most common in sports. Who does not know them, the pain-distorted faces of the footballers who bury them in football green. Assuming that the pain attack is not staged and no time is wasted, you can certainly feel sorry for the sight.

Minerals important in sports

Anyone who has ever felt a leg cramp with skin and hair knows this stinging pain, which drills like a knife into the flesh and like a biting dog does not let go of his prey. Fortunately, football is not an individual sport, so help with a leg cramp is not far away. If the player in question then scored the deciding goal a short time later, the attack might have been faked.

Anyway, spasms are very common in sports. The problem is, of course, on the one hand, the higher need for minerals, which are consumed immediately at the load (muscle contraction). Even more serious is the fact that you sweat during the sport. A natural process - the body sweats to compensate for the increased temperature.

Unfortunately, many important minerals are lost in this temperature action of the body. If the empty storages are not refilled promptly through food, an acute mineral deficiency threatens, which can decisively limit the efficiency in sport. Especially with long and intense sports loads that then matters.

Therefore, it is necessary, especially in marathons, to provide during the race with the necessary minerals. Besides magnesium, sodium (salt) should also be absorbed sufficiently. Salt mainly allows the body to store water.

The necessary minerals often hide in isotonic drinks. Isotonic means that the particle concentration of the beverage is comparable to that of the blood - so a faster and more effective absorption of minerals in sports is possible.

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