Care and cosmetics for atopic dermatitis

The skin disease eczema occurs in batches. Tormenting itching, flaky and extremely dry skin can be the result. In addition to the medical treatment, which is carried out depending on the case of eczema with different forms of therapy, it is important to bring the skin back into balance. A consistent and gentle care can improve the condition of the skin and relieve the itching.

Psychic stress due to atopic dermatitis

People who suffer from atopic dermatitis are not only affected by severe itching, but are also usually burdened with mental stress. For eczema often occurs on visible parts of the body.

Often the face, neck and neck are affected. Thus, the disease is visible to everyone, which often causes the sufferer additional pain. Many sufferers have cracked skin behind the earlobe. At the intervals of the fingers and Fußzehen, as well as in the back of the knees and at the elbows the Neurodermitis affects.

Skin care supports the medical treatment

Atopic dermatitis sufferers often find themselves in a vicious circle, the skin itches so extremely that the person is prone to scratching, which in turn puts strain on the skin and can even lead to further inflammation.

Since eczema is incurable at the current state of research, it is even more important to maintain the skin in addition to the prescribed medical treatment and thus possibly to promote the course of the disease positively.

New balance for the skin

Normally the skin has the task to protect us from the unhindered penetration of foreign bodies, such as viruses, fungi and chemical substances. In addition, the skin regulates the temperature and prevents internal moisture loss.

In eczema, however, the natural barrier of the skin is extremely damaged. The skin then has a deficiency of certain and important skin fats and can even store moisture to a low degree. In neurodermatitis is a high transepidermal water loss, TEWL, usual consequence. Therefore, the skin must now be particularly well protected from external and possibly harmful substances.

Suitable care product for atopic dermatitis

Care is not the same care. The care products and the cosmetics must be well selected. It is particularly important to use products that do not irritate the skin. Cosmetic products should therefore be free of preservatives, dyes, sillones, mineral oils and perfumes for use in atopic dermatitis.

Many conventional creams contain emulsifiers for the purpose of binding. However, these can accumulate in the skin and wash out the skin's own fats after washing the skin. This is problematic for a neurodermatitis, as the result may be further dehydration of the skin.

Care products that are specially made for sensitive skin often have skin-related membrane parts as ingredients instead of emulsifiers. Lipids and ceramides can penetrate deep into the skin layers through this skin-like structure and provide the skin with moisture.

Gentle handling of the skin

Cosmetics do not generally have to be avoided in atopic dermatitis, insofar as they are not used in excess. But even in decorative cosmetics only products are to be used that are made without fragrance and preservatives. Many cosmetics manufacturers offer special products that meet the requirements of damaged and sensitive skin.

But not only is it not necessary to abstain from aggressive soaps, but this is just as true for the detergent. Since the washed clothes come in direct contact with the skin at many parts of the body, the detergent should also be suitable for sensitive skin and fragrance-free.

And accordingly, the choice of clothing and fabrics also plays a role. Skin-friendly clothing is important because the itching can be even worse. In addition, light therapy can provide positive skin benefits.

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