Gentle movement and relaxation forms

Autogenic training is a method of concentrative self-relaxation that works with the means of autosuggestion. Behind this is the thesis that through concentration and willpower we can initiate processes in the body. B. Relieve tension, reduce stress, bring about a general increase in performance. People who are well-versed in autogenic training can relax completely within a matter of seconds.

What is autogenic training good for?

Autogenic training is a scientifically recognized procedure used in a wide range of psychosomatic disorders and anxiety symptoms. As a kind of "Yoga of the West" it can serve in an advanced stage of deepened self-knowledge and character formation.


The training, named after its inventor Joseph Pilates, is a holistic body and mind fitness program. It arose from a symbiosis of Asian martial arts, yoga elements and gymnastics. The Pilates training offered today in the fitness studios has been supplemented with the latest findings from sports medicine. The focus of the training is on the quality of the movements, which are carried out in calm river and accompanied by a special breathing technique. It is about the centering of the forces, about concentration and the control of the movement.

In contrast to other exercise methods, not individual muscles are trained, but all muscle groups are strengthened and stretched at the same time. The exercises are intended to replace incorrect movement patterns or attitudes with new ones, to improve body awareness and to train the coordination. The relaxing and balancing effect of the exercises can be explained by the strong focus on the details of the exercises: By concentrating on posture, muscle tension and breathing technique, there is no room for stressful or distracting thoughts of everyday life.


Qi can be translated with breath, energy and life energy, Gong means care, exercise and work. Taken together, this means: exercise path for body and soul. Qigong is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is a combination of meditation and movement. The movements are gentle, interwoven, flowing and precise, and are supported by breathing, body awareness and meditation.

The aim of Qigong is to strengthen the life energy, to make the practitioner more flexible, physically and mentally flexible and relaxed. Since Qigong activates the body's own healing powers and increases the general life energy, it is a good self-healing method and can positively influence a variety of disease processes as an accompanying therapy.

Tai chi

Each morning, millions of Chinese start their day with Tai Chi (aka Tai Chi Quan, Taiji, Taijiquan), a combination of martial arts and physical movement meditation, also derived from traditional Chinese medicine. Slow and fluent movements are designed to release blockages and stimulate the flow of energy in the body.

Regularly and correctly, Tai Chi can prevent postural damage, relieve tension and improve mobility. It leads to relaxation and rest and increases resilience and vitality. It should also have a positive effect on psychosomatic complaints. It is a good way to rest and start the day with energy and reduce stress.


The popularity of yoga is explained by its positive effects on physical as well as mental health. From a purely physical point of view, asanas (yoga postures) train strength, flexibility, sense of balance and muscle endurance; In addition, the back muscles strengthened, which in turn can lead to improved posture.

The quiet holding of the various positions to blocked life energy to be flowed again, inner healing powers activated and the internal organs are better supplied with blood. In addition, regular yoga exercises can be used to treat people who are suffering from stress and are looking for inner peace and balance. The systematically learned exercises for deep relaxation should promote mental strength and calm, reduce stress hormones, strengthen the immune system and promote healing processes.

Specialized breathing exercises can restore access to natural breathing, for example, in people who breathe too flat due to tension or improper posture, thereby absorbing too little oxygen. Meditation should help to re-think one's own behavior and to make one's relationships with others more positive.

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