Strengthening the immune system

The body's defense is a highly efficient system, but it may show weaknesses temporarily or permanently. In childhood, the immune system is not fully developed. In old age, like other organs, it is subject to signs of deterioration, so that it does not function as optimally.

Stress factors for the immune system

In addition to the genetic and external factors (such as environmental pollutants) that weaken our immune system, other disruptive factors are 'home-made': prolonged stress and fatigue in working life, abuse of luxury foods such as alcohol and nicotine, excessive intake of Highly effective medicines, excessive sunbathing, one-sided and irregular diet and sporting excellence, especially in combination with each other, can sustainably damage the immune system's immune system.

Disease and drug-related causes of a weak immune system

In addition, metabolic diseases, surgery, radiotherapy and some highly effective drugs weaken the immune system. People who take painkillers over a longer period of time inhibit the formation of special immune cells.

  • The activity of the phagocytes is significantly reduced in patients taking certain antibiotics.
  • In diabetics, the immune system is often weakened, resulting in frequent infections of the respiratory tract, skin and genitourinary tract.
  • The body's own defense against tumor patients is greatly weakened by radiotherapy and the use of cytostatics (drugs that prevent the division of cancer cells).

What characterizes a weakened immune system?

People with a weakened immune system are particularly susceptible to infections. They often have - three or more - infections per year. They also often have severe disease symptoms and take longer to recover. In addition, they also overlap with several diseases: bronchitis, for example, is accompanied by a sinusitis.

How to strengthen your immune system

A well-functioning body's defense is crucial to your health, because without your immune system, any germ, any virus could undisturbed unfold its destructive effects.

  • To build up sustainable defensive strength is a permanent task. It is erroneous to believe that colds can only break out in the wet, cold season. Because the most common causes of so-called colds are viruses that do not specialize in one season or the other, it can hit you anytime. The 'training effort' for strengthening the immune system is manageable, the necessary exercises can be easily understood.
  • Start a fitness program for your immune system today: Balanced nutrition rich in vitamins and fiber, reduction of all stimulants to a minimum, sufficient sleep and regular exercise, gymnastics, swimming, etc. are a promising training program for your body's defense. Good training sessions for your immune system can also be the well-known circulatory stimulators sauna, alternating baths and cold showers.
  • It is important that you do not exaggerate anything. High performance sports and excellence in extreme sports have been proven to weaken the human immune system; This is confirmed by experienced sports physicians.
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