Injury during sport

The health benefits of sport are far greater than its risks. Nevertheless, sprains, bruises or even worse can occur again and again, even with good preparation. In the following text, we will explain possible preventive and treatment measures.

Individual basic requirements

Everyone who does sports has different basic requirements. First of all, these are

  • how fast does the organism get tired?
  • how fast he recovers
  • how stable and durable are joints, bones and ligaments.


  • Systematic bodybuilding improves condition and regeneration as well as the self-protection of our body.
  • Stretching and loosening of the muscles before the sport. The body has a system with which it can protect itself from injury. Reflexive, often unconscious movements immediately compensate for unusual movements or a wrong position of the joints. This reflex can be specifically improved by a good workout.
  • Only one sport often strains our body to one side. That's why you should always do a balancing sport. On the one hand overloads are avoided, on the other hand improves the body perception and thus the self-protection.
  • Strengthening exercises for the muscles relieve joints, ligaments and tendons. Therefore, the visit in the fitness studio is worthwhile, there you can be shown appropriate exercises.

Of course, the conditions under which sport is played also play an important role. Here are the climate and the training ground, but also the opponent in team sports. Some of these factors are not self-influencing. However, with good preparation and optimal equipment, many injuries can be avoided.

Measures for treatment

If an injury nevertheless occurs, the first thing to do is to stop the sport immediately. The danger of the injury expanding or, worse still, causing additional injury is simply too great. An injury should always be treated immediately. The most important immediate measures include the so-called PECH rule:

pauseNo further burden!
ice creamCold packs, ice packs (Caution: Do not apply compresses or ice directly to the skin, otherwise frostbite will occur.) Always place a cloth between them).
CompressionElastic compression bandage
ElevatingReduces blood flow into the injured tissue

Since the pain says little about the severity of an injury, a doctor should always be consulted after first aid. Only he can rule out a serious injury and initiate the right treatment. If an injury is not treated properly, the mobility of, for example, a joint can be significantly reduced. To get fit as soon as possible, you should follow the instructions of your doctor.

What is included in your sports bag for an emergency?

  • compression bandage
  • cold compress
  • Anti-inflammatory, decongestant ointment

Around 1.5 million sports injuries requiring treatment occur every year. It shows:

  • 27 percent of all accidental injuries are sports injuries
  • Over 40 percent of all sports accidents happen to 20-30 year olds
  • Only 10 percent of over-50s injured in sports
  • Male athletes injure themselves three times as often as women.
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