Why do hands and feet crumple after a bath?

Who does not like lying in the bath foam and feels comfortable? But a long bath also has its side effects: wrinkled hands and feet. Just the fingertips then look wrinkled and swollen. Strangely enough, other parts of the skin remain smooth. Why is that, and is this phenomenon perhaps even associated with health risks - especially if you often want to swim or go swimming? Do not worry, the wrinkled skin is not harmful and it also forms quickly.

Horn cells take in water

The shriveled skin actually affects only hands and feet. Why exactly the skin is wrinkling has not been fully explored. It is usually assumed that the uppermost layer of the skin absorbs water. This consists of the so-called horny cells, ie dead skin cells that can bind the water and so swell. Horny cells are especially common on the hands and feet - about ten times more than the rest of the body.

Because hands and feet are exposed to a special day-to-day strain - a particularly thick layer of horny cells develops on these surfaces for protection. Now, if the horny cells are absorbed with liquid, the uppermost skin layer expands. However, since these are connected to the subcutaneous, this does not happen evenly - it creates the wavy shrink skin.

Other possible explanations for wrinkled skin

Recent studies have also blamed skin protein, keratin, on the outer skin layer. According to the researchers, the fibers of keratin expand and generate wavy lines due to their structure.

Another explanation could be that the crumpling is triggered by nerve impulses. Scientists suspect that the grooves in the skin arise, so we can grab objects with wet hands.

Not afraid of water

Swimming and bathing dries out the skin and can irritate the skin of sensitive people. Therefore, after each extensive bath you should cream the skin well so that it gets back fat and moisture. At high temperatures, care products are suitable, which provide a lot of moisture. If the skin is particularly dry, a fatty ointment often helps better.

Tips for healthy bathing

  • For a bath a week is normal for normal skin.
  • Do not bathe for more than 10 minutes.
  • The water temperature should not be higher than 35 ° C. The reason: If water is hotter than 35 ° C, it dries out the skin too much.
  • Clean the skin with mild washing emulsions that do not destroy the acid mantle of the skin.
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